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3 LED hand crank troch/TP-PH003


Do not use the torch in the direct proximity of flammable materials and gases

  • The source of light may not be covered during use


  • The beam of the light may not be shine directly into your own eyes or the eyes of other people or animals




  • Stable, anti-slip rubber handle


  • Easy to use


  • Ideal for outdoor activities and emergencies in the car and at home because of its modern, robust construction


  • Strong light because of 3 bright  LED’s


  • No batteries necessary







  • Turn the handle for 1 minute, torch burns for approx. 20 minutes


  • Max. luminance 240 minutes


  • Push the button once, 1 LED turns on


  • Push the button again, torch turns off


  • Push the button again, 3 LED’s turn on


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